Athanasios Kalogeresis

Personal information

Surname : Kalogeressis

Forename: Athanassios

Father's Name: Fotios

Year of Birth: 1971


Educational Background

1. Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Economic Sciences, University of Macedonia (23/6/99)

2. Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Transport awarded by the Department of Maritime Science and International Transport of the University of Wales, College of Cardiff (09/05/97).

3. Degree in Economics (Grade 7,8) awarded by the department of Economics of the University of Macedonia of Economics and Social Sciences (21/07/94).


Working Experience

* March 1998 - today. University of Macedonia

Research assistant.

* November 1997 - 1999. Ikonomotechniki Ltd.

Responsible for the formulation of feasibility studies and business consulting

* September 1995 - January 1996. University of Macedonia

Research assistant.


Research Work

Member of research groups

1. 1994 Prefeasibility study for the establishment of a transport centre at the Greek -Bulgarian border area. Financed by EUROTECH LTD. (Scientific Co-ordinator: L. Labrianidis)

2. 1998. The economic consequences for the development of Greece and in particular Northern Greece by the opening of Greek industry in the Balkans. General Secretariat of Research and Technology (ΓΓΕΤ).

3. 1998. Ex post estimation of the effects of the Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997. Organisation of the Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997.

4. 1998- today: Studies on young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, co-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities (Smallbone D., Johnson St.). Financed by European Commission DGXXVI

5. 1999-today: Translation to Greek of the Library of Congress Subject Headings which correspond to the classes H-HJ of the Library of Congress Classification System. In the context of the program "Modernisation of the Library of the University of Macedonia" (Scientific Co-ordinator: K. Margaritis).

6. 1999. Strategic Development Plan of the Rodopi Prefecture. Anaptiksiaki Rodopis S.A.

7. 1999-today:The Future of Europe's Rural Periphery: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Responding to Employment Problems and Social Marginalisation. European Commission DGXII (Human Potential)

8. 1999-today: Strategic Planning of Peripheral and Border Transport Centres in W. Macedonia: Region of W. Macedonia. (Scientific Co-ordinator: L. Labrianidis)

9. 1999-today: Comparative analysis of the economic conditions among the Christian and Pomak - Muslim communities of the mountain areas in the prefectures of Rodopi and Xanthi. Financed by the Research Committee of the University of Macedonia. (Scientific Co-ordinator: L. Labrianidis)

10. 2000-today. Rural entrepreneurship and employment in Transition (Russia, Ukraine). Financed by INTAS. (Scientific Co-ordinator: L. Labrianidis)

11. 2000-today Employment in Thessaloniki. (Labour Institute - INE-, Labour Institute of Macedonia - MAKINE-, Federation of Industries of Nortern Greece -SVVE, Euroconsultans, ACTION, DIMIOURGIKI). Financed by the Greek Ministry of Development. (Scientific Co-ordinator: L. Labrianidis)1994.



Presentations - speeches

1. 2000. Greek Trade relations with the Balkans in the 1990s. (With L. Labrianidis). 1st International Conference on Recent Economic Developments and Problems in the Transition Economies. Organised by the University of Macedonia, 24-27/05/2000.