Lois Labrianidis - General Information


NameLois (TheologosLabrianidis

Father’s namePanayiotis

Place of birthThessaloniki

Place of residence:    15, Platonos St., 54643, Thessaloniki,   Greece

TelephoneUniversity:   +30 2310 891795, Home: +30 2310 816220

E-mail: loisl@.uom.edu.gr

SpecialisationEconomic Geography-Regional Development

Profession: ProfessorDeptof Economics, University of Macedonia



1978-1983       Doctor of Philosophy in Economic Geography, London School of Εconomics and Ρolitical Sciences (LSΕ) title: “Industrial location in capitalist societies: the tobacco industry in Greece, 1880-1980”

1977-1978                  Μaster of Αrts in Urban and Regional Studies, University of Sussex 1972-1977       Diploma in Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Languages                  English, French (fair)



1999-today                 Professor Department of Economics, University of Macedonia.

2015 – 2019               Secretary General for Strategic and private Investments, Ministry of Economy and Development (7/4/2015- 17/7/2019)

1995 - today               Head of the Regional Development and Policy Research Unit (RDPRU) http://afroditi.uom.gr/rdpru/

1993-1999                  Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Macedonia.

1989-1993 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Macedonia.

1988-1990 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Social Anthropology, University of the Aegean.

1986-1988 Junior LecturerAristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

1986-1987 Visiting Assistant Professor, Graduate Industrial School of Thessaloniki, Department of Economics,

1985-1986 Visiting Professor at the Technological Institute of Education (TEI) of Thessaloniki, School of Management and Economics, Department of Management.

1985-1988 Scientific Fellow at the Centre of Planning and Economic Research of Greece attached to the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

01/1995-06/1995       Academic Visitor, Dept. of Geography, LSE

01/2004-06/2004       Academic Visitor, School of Geography, Oxford University



1. Coordination of the drafting of the Development Law (Law 4399/2016)

2. Development of a new system for evaluating and controlling investment projects and the process of setting up the Register of Auditors

3. Participation in the writing of the "National Development Strategy" (2018)

4. Amendment of Law (Law 3427/2005) on “Business Centers”

5. Amendments to the law on the granting of a visa to foreigners for the purpose of creating an investment

6. Development of the "Knowledge and Cooperation Bridges" initiative concerning the brain drain

7. Coordination of the drafting of the Law on "Strategic Investments" (Law 4608/2019)

8. Development of the Initiative "for the  Support of SMEs" cooperation with: National Documentation Center, Central Chamber of Commerce, GESEVE, ESEE (Law 4608/2019)

9. Development of an initiative to support enterprises in Less Developed Areas (Law 4608/2019)

10. 2017 - 2019 Participation in the cooperation Committee between the Ministry of Economy & Development and the Banks

11. 2017 Member of the Committee on Experts on the Economics of Education, Ministry of Education (Government Gazette 173 12/4/17)

12. 2017 Member of the Commission on the "evolution of the TEI of Athens and Piraeus". Ministerial decision (20/6/17)

13. 2017 -2019 Member of the Board of Directors of Entrepreneurship II (TEPICH II)

14. 2016 - 2019 Member of the Board of Directors of ETVA - Piraeus Industrial Area

15. 2016 -2019 Development Council, Ministry of Economy and Development: Member of the Scientific Committee, Chair of the Social Partners Group.



4a. Books

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4b. Chapters in Books

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5.b.1 Scientific co-ordinator

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5.b.2 Team member

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  1. 2012- 2016  member of the International Advisory Board of Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies
  2. 2008-2013 Member of the Editorial Board in European Urban and Regional Studies
  3. 2001-today. Editorial Advisor in Geographies
  4. 1999-today. Member of the Editorial Committee in Topos (Review of spatial development, planning and environment)
  5. Member of the Editorial Committee in Panepistimio
  6. 1990-98. Editorial Advisor in Topos (Review of urban and regional planning).
  7. 1988-97. Associate/Corresponding Editor in Capital and Class (Journal of the Conference of Socialist Εconomists).