A. General Description - Regional policies in the European Community

(6th semester)

The necessity of regional policies. The objectives or regional policy; efficiency or equality, endogenous development or not, bottom up or not, balanced or not. State policies aim either directly at regional development, or they have other objectives that still induce differentiated impacts on space. The notion of economic integration. Relations between dominant states. The political theories for integration. Why was the EU established. Institutional framework of the EU’ s functioning. The institutions of the EU. The EU enlargements – the enlargement towards the CEECs and its impacts. Disparities between the member states of the EU: the evolution of some basic indicators. Regional disparities in the EU: convergence or divergence. The EU Regional policy (of the EU and its member states) – Regional policy bodies (ERDF) – Large programmes of the EU (MIP, CSF, Leader, Interreg, etc).

(optional paper)