B. Issues to be discussed - Regional policies in the European Community

  • Regional disparities – Theories of Regional Development
  • Regional policy: concepts, means / The concept of the regional development programmes
  • The concept of integration – Relations between dominant countries / Political theories of unification
  • Causes of the establishment of the EU / EU enlargements – Enlargement towards East Europe / New member states
  • Institutional framework of the EU’ s functioning - The institutions of the EU / Regional policy bodies (ERDF)
  • EU and Greece
  • Disparities between the member states of the EU: the evolution of some basic indicators
  • Regional disparities in the EU: convergence or divergence
  • Large programmes of the EU (MIP, CSF, Leader, Interreg, etc) – What is the CSF and the Operational Programmes, how are they compiled


The lectures will be given by the tutor, except from the cases when experts on the issue to be discussed will be invited in class. These announcements will be posted at the News/Announcements section of the site.