Study on "brain-drain" phenomenon in Greece (until 12/02/10)

RDPRU is conducting a survey regarding the investigation of the "brain-drain" phenomenon in Greece, which originates due to the decision of graduates from Greek or foreign universities to work abroad. It is a relatively new phenomenon which has been intensified the past 10 years. Those talents’ absence from Greece seems to negatively impact the country on various levels (economic, social, cultural and political). We believe that there is a need to investigate this phenomenon with great care in order to be able to design and implement policy measures that will benefit both the graduates as individuals and Greece as a country.

Your help is valuable. We would like to ask you to participate in our study by completing a short questionnaire regarding your drive to work outside Greece (if you had worked there for at least one year). You can find the questionnaire by following this link:

The research is anonymous and any personal information provided is confidential and will not be used for any purposes other than the research described above. The results of this research will be published in peer reviewed scientific journals and will also be available at this web site. In case you wish, we would be happy to send you a summary report of our research.


"Investing in Leaving: The Greek Case of International Migration of Professionals"

"Highly Skilled Migration: What Differentiates the ‘Brains’ Who Are Drained from Those Who Return in the Case of Greece?"

"The mutually reinforcing relation between international migration of highly educated labour force and economic crisis: the case of Greece"